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Beautiful flutters

I started feeling my baby move by the time I was 14 weeks pregnant.  The midwife at my obs thought I was tripping out! She didn’t say it out loud but the look in her eyes certainly gave her away.  😂  The sonographer however told me that it was very possible in fact that I could feel my baby, expecially with second pregnancies as we and our bodies know what it feels like.  It certainly wasn’t just a bloat of wind moving about my body, I know that for sure.

Those beautiful little flutters gave me comfort that my baby girl was ok.  I was probably one of the most relaxed mothers-to-be I knew when pregnant with my first, but I can’t say the same for my second pregnancy.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve learnt too much from all our first born stories that I now know how delicate it can be.  Being pregnant and having a baby isn’t a given, it is an absolute miracle if you think about all the possibilities and impossibilities.  I am relieved to say that those tiny flutters have now grown into deliberate punches/kicks (I can’t make out which is what).  Quite often as I’m changing, I can feel her tumble turning which often make me gasp for breath and I love it!  The other thing she does is wriggle, I’m guessing to get comfortable, then lodge herself either to my right or left.  I can literally see this lump on the side of my belly, before I actually have to give her a nudge to find another possie as I would find it difficult to breathe.  Every kick, punch, tickle, even discomfort makes me smile my widest smile!

They say that what your baby does now is what she’ll do when she’s born.  One little routine that I have come to notice is everytime I’ve said goodnight to hubby in the last few months, she would wake without fail, kicking so hard I would feel my body jolt!  Literally jolt!  We’re not early people, so bedtime for us is around 11pm, sometimes 11.30pm.  I have a feeling that’s going to be my little pea’s wake time!  I remembered number 1 keeping me awake from 3-5am almost every morning when she was still in my belly, and that was exactly what she did once born … I never had the heart to do the whole sleep training thing though.  Believe me we tried but our hearts always broke to pieces everytime we did, so we stopped.  We’ve never been very structured or routined people so it really didn’t bother us too much that we failed sleep training the first time around.  However we did promise ourselves that number 2 is not going to take 4 years to stop creeping into our bed in the middle of the night.  Have to say though, the thought of dodging her flings and kicks and pushing hubby to the edge of the bed makes me giggle.  In hindsight.

Style deets:

I love this dress from Alice McCall, so feminine and dressing the bump so prettily.

Boots from Louis Vuitton (or similar) that I’m struggling to fit into as fluid retention is starting to present itself with a vengence.

Choker from Dior.  Funks up any outfit!

Xox, Liz


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