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Poor #2 is going to be bossed to bits…

Have any of you ever experienced a lot of impatience during pregnancy?  Zero tolerance, imminent explosion type impatience?  Google and mummy threads reckon it’s very normal for our hormones to go slightly (or a lot) out of whack and cause these feelings of impatience, anger and even rage!  I never had these feelings with my first pregnancy and am a little thrown but now pregnant with number 2, I feel like I have very little patience with everyone around me, including my 4 year old.  I go from feeling totally in love with my baby girl to feeling like I could explode after telling her to do something over and over and over and over.  In fact, I’ve even resorted to yoddling my commands so she would hear me and obey!  The stunning back chats and 4 going on 18 type attitude is reeeeaaaally something.  A part of me thinks, wow that’s some intelligence coming up with what she does, and the other part is simply begging her to just do as she’s told!?!

I told Kalani one day to pick all her toys up as I don’t like her toys sitting all around my house!  Her response, “it’s my house too!”  Another night, I heard hubby reasoning with her.  He was explaining to her that adults make the rules in our home.  She disagreed stating quite clearly that she didin’t like being told off! Hubs who was getting quite impatient by this stage reiterated that same fact and added that we make the rules because we are older!  Well well, did her little mind work bionically quick or what!  She announced, “well when I have a baby sister, I will make the rules!”  Hands on hips, lips pursed, not at all impressed!  😂😂😂  We both giggled our heads off once she was off to bed, exchanging details of the story, ensuring we diarisied exactly what she said!

Have you experienced pregnancy “rage”?  Or have a second child who is totally bossed to bits by number 1?

xox, Liz

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