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Zika is a bitch!

So hubby’s off to his brother’s wedding in Malaysia this week.  Kalani and I are super jealous and feeling super left out as we were meant to all go as a family.  I even had my outfits sorted, well somewhat sorted since I had to guess how big my belly would be by this stage … and I wanted to witness the bride walk down the aisle and welcome my sista from another mista into the family, hoe into a 10 course Chinese banquet and see my daughter all dressed up in her flower girl dress … and get all emotional like we all do at weddings!

Let’s rewind a little.  I was at my 20 week obstetrician appointment.  We heard those angelic heartbeats and sighed a sigh of relief.  We were then idle chit chatting away about the pregnancy in general and the question, quite statement-like arose, almost an obstetrician sixth sense type of thing, “you’re obviously not going to be going anywhere in the next few months are you?”  I was in Pakistan for a photographic assignment when pregnant with number 1 and travelling a fair bit internationally.  I guess that has stuck with my obstetrician even 5 years down the track!  Yes I said! I’m going to my brother-in-law’s wedding in Malaysia in July! Not going to Pakistan this time, I joked.  I’ll only be 28 weeks I said convincingly.  That’s ok right?  All this while, she was eyes to the screen, typing notes as I rambled, until this very moment.  Her eyes locked to mine, “you do know that’s a zika virus zone, don’t you?!”  & that was it! My trip to Malaysia was no longer.  Worse still, it suddenly dawned on me that I was in Singapore and Indonesia, also zika zones, when I was unknowingly pregnant!

Now let’s fast foward.. we are now sitting at the hospital discussing non options with the professor of infectious disease.  Blood was rushing to my feet as I refrained from sitting down at reception for the mere fact that I was visiting the professor of infectious disease.  My brain, completely ignorant of the faculty in which she practised, decided that infectious sounded infectious! So I wasn’t sitting!  However by the time I was seen, my feet were so swollen with fluid that I succumbed.  Basically in short, I was told the following facts:

1. Not much is known of the impact of zika virus on the growing baby (she used the term foetus which I thought was awfully detached as she was talking about my daughter… bloody medical professionals).

2.  80% of women who have been infected with the zika virus do not show any symptoms, but that doesn’t mean the baby hasn’t been impacted.

3.  Although the chances that the baby is indeed impacted is low, she can’t tell me for sure that it is all clear.

4.  There are no accurate tests out there that could give us a definitive answer as to whether the baby has been infected.  We’ve just got to wait and see.  Or go ahead with the tests that could either result in a false positive result and our decisions based on the latter or a miscarriage.

5.  If indeed infected, the baby could have a small head, a condition known as microcephaly, but they don’t know the impact of this condition on the future development of the baby.

By which stage, she asked me if I understood what she has just told me.  I nodded and had to refrain from wanting to trottle her! No help whatsoever.

So in short, zika is a bitch.  We know nothing about it even though it has existed since 1947.  I am not stressed however, I am certain in my gut that all will be fine.  From a more secondary standpoint, I have accepted that I should not be wandering to a zika zone when pregnant and you shouldn’t either as the risks are not worth it!  I have also accepted the fact that I will not see my beautiful sister-in-law walk down the aisle, we will skype instead so the connection better be good!

Have an amazing two weekends of celebrations Pud & Daph!  We look forward to catching with you to go through pics & stories, which I’m sure there’ll be heaps of!  No doubt at all you will look just stunning Daph!  I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing!

For now, hasta la vista zika!

Style Deets:

I designed this dress in anticipation of the hot and humid weather in Malaysia… something I could wear with heels at drinks or flat sandals as I wandered through George Town, Penang.  Back in Aus, perhaps with some heavy duty military boots as I’ve done or OTK boots with leather jacket?  The options are endless!  Made by my talented seamstress who embarks on my design journeys with me and attempts to read my mind a lot of the times. 

Xox, Liz




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