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Mum: “Why do you waste money on costume jewellery?!”

Everytime I pop a piece of jewellery on, mum would ask if it’s real or costume.  I’d then cop the inescapable head shake and tut tuts from mother dear as in her mind, costume jewellery is a complete waste of money.  I beg to differ.

I have to admit I am rather boring when it comes to jewellery.  I wear the same old pieces that make me smile when I catch a glance of them or get beeped at at the lights because I’d be oogling over them instead of paying attention to the lights changing.   I used to have these very pretty vintage-looking Rutherford diamond studs which I never took off unless I was going somewhere special, yep I even wore them to bed.  Unfortunately I’ve “misplaced” them, probably stashed them somewhere and totally forgot where I’ve done so?!  That said I try to console myself that it might have been a blessing in disguise that I’ve lost my gorgeous earrings as I haven’t looked into another pair since and have been buying costume jewellery instead.  Why?  Costume jewellery are usually at a lower price point which means that I can get more pieces that are usually unblievably creative 😋  I also find costume jewellery a lot more wearable since they’re not so bling that I have to wait only for that special occassion to put them on.

I don’t wear a lot of bracelets, not even watches.  Usually one or the other of earrings or necklace, never both especially if they’re statement pieces.  Notice I haven’t mentioned rings… I used to reserve my right hand for statement rings but ever since I got my GOOOORGEOUS “push” ring, I haven’t wanted to take it off!  Every now and again I do but not frequently.

My jewellery rules: 

🌸 Wearing statement anything ~ the #lltrule when wearing statement anything is to only wear ONE of those statement pieces on your body. I think the whole point of wearing a statement piece is have that particular piece sing out to the world. If you feel a little naked wearing just the one piece and absolutely have to wear another, the proximity rule works here. If wearing a statement choker style necklace for example, I would make sure I have bare ears. Whereas if I had statement earrings on, I would make sure I keep my neck bare but I’m happy to wear a bracelet.  Basically I wouldn’t put any piece of jewellery too close to the statement piece so it gets to shine.

🌸 Wearing all possible pieces of jewellery ~ If you’ve just bought some pretty pieces and simply don’t want to part with any of them, the #lltrule is to ensure bigger pieces are placed further away from each other.  For example, if wearing slightly bigger earrings, I would make sure necklaces are close to non-existent or are quite dainty.  I would place a slightly chunky bracelet on my wrist, but on the hand that hasn’t already been adorned with a million rings.  If they’re all dainty pieces, I don’t see why you can’t wear them all 😉

Here are some pieces I have picked out.  I’ve been wearing lots of neutrals this pregnancy, not that I typically wear lots of bright colours or prints anyway.  These colourful pieces work gorgeously well with solid colours and minimalistic prints if there is such a thing!  I have, over time, fallen in love with many pieces from Reminiscence Paris, Polina Firenze and recently Elizabeth Cole (thanks to @sheis_sarahjane who got me salivating and my heart beating like I’ve just met my one true love).


Reminiscence Paris

Reminiscence Paris is invariably french, originating from Paris and makes some unique, feminine and very special pieces atuned to the dare to dream that I just adore.  I bought a couple of gorgeous pieces ages ago (two to the right) that I still love!  I get compliments everytime I wear them.   Everytime my daughter spots them on me, she’d be like, “Mum I wish I have something like this. Can I have it when I’m a big girl like you?”

So keep your eyes peeled as they sometimes make some out of this world stuff! 


Polina Firenze

Born in Florence, Polina Firenze begin with handmade sketches, each gorgeous piece of jewelry is then created with ancient goldsmith technology of lost wax molding where very detailed and clean brass pieces are produced.  There was this instantaneous connection between Polina Firenze and myself, reflecting my love of the wild and my daughter’s love of every animal possible on the planet … other than hyenas she said!  I love wearing my ring from their cavallo collection even though it has to compete with my “push” ring!


Elizabeth Cole

I must admit I didn’t know about Elizabeth Cole until I checked out @sheis_sarahjane ‘s blog the other day.  That girl’s got style and great taste!  I’m not sure if I’m glad or mortified that I’m totally in love with Elizabeth Cole’s creations, like totally in love!  I’ve earmarked the first two pieces from the left! Not to be worn together … 😉


Happy shopping!  Xox, Liz


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