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My hair ain’t curlin’!

Haha, I thought the cowboy twang in the title sounded fitting… or have I just lost it?  School holidays have begun, a needy child coupled with screaming pets have caused a few screws to come loose, or I’m just, hmm I hate to say it… hormonal!

Hormones.  I think one thing that us women would definitely be agreeable on is that hormones rage havoc on our otherwise super composed and resilient bodies!  I have always been one of those who suffered pretty bad PMS, especially before our first child.  “Time of the month” in our home is felt in a great variety of ways from a mere lack of patience with everything to me mumbling back to the universe, out loud I might add, so it would stop testing my resolve!  Sometimes, I even found it nececssary to forewarn my 4 year old that mummy is cranky today.  I remembered telling her once when she asked why I’d be cranky and I explained that I’d gotten up on the wrong side of bed.  She stared at me quite credulously and said, “but mum, you always get up on that side of the bed?! Daddy gets up on the other side…?!”

Pregnancy hormones is different but no different unfortunately.  I had zero tolerance with almost everything that crossed my path.  I’m assuming it was all a part of my incessant need to nest, to get every aspect of our lives organised before bubs comes along.  I did what only a crazy person would have done in hindsight.  We decided to swap our internet connection from Telstra to TPG.  I won’t go into the reasons why as that’ll bore you to tears as well as reignite a buried rage!  We thought with TPG’s promising rise to fame, they shouldn’t cause us too much sweat and tears. Right? Wrong! The transfer took a whole 6 weeks where I must have spoken to every single call centre staff there was and repeated myself the same number of times or more!  If that wasn’t enough, I decided we’ll have all the ducts under the house and ducted heating system replaced!  To justify my insanity, they were 30 years old.  Next project which I’ve been obsessing about is to tear our roof down to improve the insulation upstairs so I can move the girls up at some point … but that’s a story for another post altogether!

On a lighter note, pregnancy hormones straightened my hair, to a point where it refused to curl!  Not even a tiny bit!  It really was quite a strange phenomenon.  I went through about 3 different GHD curlers and 1 Babyliss Pro, thick barrels to smaller ones, curled it every which way, used all types of curling products and must have youtubed about a hundred different demos …  nothing worked!  So for a while there, my hair got super healthy as I got used to wearing it dead straight and frizzy (another pregnancy trait) and stopped trying to fry it with curlers! 🙃

Fortunately for myself and everyone else around me, that all ended a couple of weeks ago …   how did pregnancy hormones affect you?  I would love to hear your #preggostories please!

xox, Liz

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