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I have to be honest, writing this post isn’t one that comes naturally to me.  I won’t pretend for a second that I’m a fitness fiend or health fanatic.  I would like to think I’m rather moderate when it comes to eating, drinking (when I can) and exercising.  In fact, I’m probably less than enthusiastic when it comes to the latter.

I put on 18kg during my first pregnancy.  I binged on fluffy white bread, over moderated on peanut butter and carbs and had way, way, waaaaay too much sweets, mainly at ungodly hours post midnight … AND I did not exercise at all other than the occassional walk!  So I was adamant this time around that I will not stack on the weight as I wouldn’t have enough discipline to shed it after and I love my food excessively!  I am one of those who talks myself out of exercising, most of the time … sorry Hayley & Kate!  I will not binge of fluffy anything other than plush toys for bubs and I will try and work on that muscle memory which all those fitness gurus out there talk about.

Food aside, what is this muscle memory phenomenon?  Essentially, it’s about training your body/muscles to remember having done certain exercises (engaged in a certain way), so that even after you’ve taken some time off it, like after a csection, your muscles will reengage and reactivate in a shorter amount of time when you eventually get back to it.  Apparently just like riding a bike or surf.  Now, I don’t know how long this time off period is before it expires, so don’t leave it for years on end if that has even crossed your minds.  Promise it hasn’t crossed mine!  Here‘s a great layman’s article I’ve found if you’d like to read more about it.

So let me impart some of the simple and safe exercises I’ve been doing with my personal trainer at Hayley Love My Body.  Remember to consult your obsterician/medical profession before embarking in any form of exercise, and listen to your own body.  I waited till the second trimester before I did any exercises as I just didn’t feel the greatest during my first trimester, lethargic, 24-hour morning sickess, felt like my baby was sitting super low all the time and if I did anything strenuous she’d fall out (which was backed up by a recent scan showing that my placenta is indeed sitting quite low).  So always listen to your body and get a PT who is experienced with pregnancy to guide you should you need that guidance or simply need a bit of a nudge (like me)!

3 sets each of between 10-12 reps (see video)

Lateral arm raises
Overhead press
Overhead tricep extensions
Horizontal row

Thighs & Glutes:
Walking lunges
Donkey Kicks
Glute bridges
Sumo squat with kettle

Have fun, good luck and don’t over do anything!  Consult a PT if you’re unsure.  I did!

xox, Liz


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