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“I do not like that idea!”

Whilst we had to wait till our 20 weeks scan before we could have genetic and gender testing done, 5 years later, we were able to fInd all that out at 10 weeks and at 99.9% accuracy!  Isn’t the advancement of technology just amazing? I continue to be astounded.

We went up to the point at Noosa Heads, toward the national park, where the surfers usually are.  We went to the exact spot where hubby proposed about 14 years ago, this time with a little one in tow.  We told Kalani about daddy asking mummy to marry him right at this very spot a long time ago, both stalling and trying to work out in our heads how we would share with her this amazing news which we knew she wouldn’t take very well as she has never been interested in having a sibling.  In fact, she has always been adamant she didn’t want a sibling!  So Sam started with, “Kalani have you noticed mummy’s belly growing? There is a little baby growing in there!”  Kalani looked up at us, more like greased us both off, face turned a darker shade of tan, lips pursed to a point, arms firmly crossed and responded, “I don’t like that idea! I don’t want a baby brother! I don’t want him to destroy my toys and my fairy dresses!”  She really was getting quite upset.  She has been the only child as well for 4 years I guess and never had to worry about her possessions getting trashed.  We both jumped at the fact that no it’s not a baby brother, it’s going to be a she!  Still didn’t appease her until we explained that because her baby sister is going to be very little when she’s born, she’ll just be drinking milk and sleeping most of the time.  She won’t be playing the same toys because she is so much younger.  We started edging toward the hot dog cart by this stage … she’s like her mummy, food always helps calm any situation!  We didn’t discuss her baby sister much for the rest of our trip other than to tell her that we loved her to bits and pieces and we will always love her even if a baby comes along.

Back at kinder the next week, I didn’t really ask Kalani to keep anything hush as it was like a non event to her.  She hadn’t breathed a word of it since we told her.  At pick up however, the inquisitive glances and all round congrats said otherwise.  Kalani has told the world about her baby sister … that continued for weeks after.  Now she has progressed to telling complete strangers that she’s going to have a baby sister!  So there we go, our secret’s out!  Our little pea is a baby girl!



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