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The LLT Super Smoothie

During my first pregnancy, I craved very specific foods like horrible fluffy white bread filled with super crunchy peanut butter scrunched into a ball prior to consumption, thai green mangoes with chilli and salt (eeeeiuuulllk I know) and scrumptious black truffles cooked with every carb possible throughout winter.  I was so nuts about truffles I even went truffle hunting for 7 hours straight when I was 8 months pregnant!  As they all say, every pregnancy is different as I haven’t really felt like anything in particular with this pregnancy so far.

I was diagnosed with Graves disease (a form of hyperthyriodism) after having my first child and that never really went away.  With this pregnancy I was advised by med professionals that I shouldn’t take Elevit or anything that contained iodine as iodine contributes to hyperthyriodism.  As such, I am very conscious of getting the nutrition in my body and to my growing baby even though I really didn’t feel like much, especially in the first trimester.  For someone who loves her food, it was rather frustrating as I couldn’t really taste or eat much!

One day, I decided I’d make a smoothie of all the things I could actually stomach.  I really believe in the intelligence of one’s body, especially during pregnancy, to desire the foods that are actually needed and/or are deficient in our bodies.  The first batch I made based on my tolerance tasted horrible!  Kalani told me so and I agreed.  So we tried again and again and now we love our little concoction that we came up with.  Kalani loves helping me make this in the mornings too which increases her interest in actually also eating/drinking it.

Introducing the LLT super smoothie, packed full of goodness, is pregnancy friendly and I’ve even managed to include greens without Kalani dry-reaching in disgust!

Recipe for three.

 1-2 cups organic baby spinach leaves 

1 cup organic blueberries

1/3 cup organic chia seeds

I organic banana

1 cup organic natural yoghurt

1 small handful walnuts (you can use any type of nuts that tickles your fancy.  I quite often would use brazil nuts and almonds as well)

1tbs organic cocoa powder

1tps organic ground turmeric (optional)

1 good dollop of organic, raw honey (I love Maharishi Verdic honey which is a raw, unheated, unblended, cold extracted honey, with all its goodness retained)

2 cups organic almond milk


Using a blender or thermomix, first grind the nuts into a fine consistency.  If you do not have a blender or thermomix that could do that, you could substitute with nut meal like almond meal.  

Then grind the spinach leaves till finely chopped. 

Add rest of the ingredients and blend to desired consistency.  Add more almond milk if desired.


I’ve prepared a little table summarising the benefits of the individual ingredients in this smoothie… sorry the once finance/spreadsheet crazy person has taken over there… I hope it is at least useful!  I surprised myself as to how packed full of goodness this concoction is!


I’d like to think of this smoothie as being a highly nutritious, super diet for the most important meal of the day, not only high in antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fibre, but also a great deal of disease preventing, anti-inflammatory goodness! It is a wonderful kick start to the day that is so very easy and quick to make.  My little one loves it and I’m sure yours would too!  Bon appetit.

xox, Liz


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