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Everything smelled back in Aus!

We were finally back in Australia after being away for 3 weeks.  Phew I thought, back to my own bed, my own pillow, my comfy couches, more comfortable clothes since I’m not the best at packing practical clothing while travelling, my own TV that isn’t blasting a mandarin speaking channel where embarassingly I now find myself reading the subtitles to actually understand what’s going on fully, back to my own home! Mmmmm.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh but life wasn’t so! I could smell everything in the house!  All at once! Good and bad, mostly bad! I could smell the cats’ pees strategically deposited somewhere in an obscure corner of the home that I couldn’t seem to locate, blended with a stench of dead cow oozing out of our leather couches douzed with a bit of brown sugar! I might add that I’ve actually got gorgeous slipcovers over these leather couches of mine and you would think that I wouldn’t be able to smell the leather through the slipcovers right?! Wrong.   I could smell our bordoodle pup from a hundred miles away and even though hypoallergenic, Pepe’s fur was bothering my nose to the brink of self implosion (he still got cuddles though)!  Hubby had to scrub his face clean the moment he came home from work, every single night for about 9 weeks as I could smell the oils on his face.  We even contemplated on talking through the old school string phones made of paper cups!  I could suddenly detect all the dust and marks on our rug that made me cringe, the sight of uneven peels of fruits made me want to vomit … oh and have I added that I can pinpoint the exact child who has done a number 2 when picking my daughter up at kinder!  At least that was outside of my home.  So between my bionic vision and ridiculously heightened sense of smell which lasted the entire first trimester and slightly beyond, I was ready to sell the couch, our bed and selling the house did cross my mind briefly!

Hubby came home one day, screwed up his face and said, “oh babe, I think there’s something off in the house!” I’m like what? I can’t smell anything and I can smell everything! He followed the scent around the house like our puppy and stopped dead at the oil burner!  “This”, he exclaimed and his face looked like a cross between a bulldog and a sphynx!  It was my feeble attempt to mask all the horrible smells in the house and I must have used a bit too much of it!  It did smell pretty strong but smelled a thousand times better than the mix of dead cow and cat pee! Then one day I was getting some eco washing tablets from Aunt Maggies grocers and guess what I found?? A room freshener, but not just any old room freshener! It was a natural, chemical free, probiotic based room spray! I thought oh what the heck, I’ve tried everything, what’s one more thing to try! I got it home and excitedly sprayed it all over my couch, pillows, bed, rug, everywhere and voila! Bye bye bad smells! I’d used almost a quarter of the bottle with each spray (bit OCD) and was onto my second, third, fourth, etc bottles by the end of the trimester but that was hardly a price to pay for my sanity!  I was no longer gagging on the smells in the house, now just at the sight of my favourite foods …

xox, Liz

Product deets:

Probiotic room spray that saved my life from Probiotic Solutions

I know hubby thought the essential oils stunk, but I did use quite a bit of it.  I really love essential oils from doterra.


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