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Two solid lines

Hubby had returned to Melbourne by now.  Kalani and I would usually stay on for a slightly longer time in Singapore since we really only get to see my beautiful grandma and dear extended family once a year.  Last year was the same.

I distinctly remembered the same time last year, I’d whatsapped hubby on Valentines’ Day wishing him the obvious of course.  Call us unromantic but we don’t really celeberate the day.  I think it is rather commercial and he is only too keen to oblige as it’s one less date he has to keep in that memory bank of his!  I did on this occassion however use this romantic day to my utmost advantage!  It was the perfect opportunity to introduce to him a new little member of our family … a teeny tiny bordoodle puppy whose name we will of course decide together even though he has been omitted out of the buying decision process.  Kalani was briefed at the same time as we couldn’t let the cat (dog in this case) out of the bag prematurely now, could we?  His reaction was priceless! Hand on his head, just continuously repeating the words “no”, smile on his face in disblief yet totally believing that his wife is just that naughty!  We named him Pepe.

This year, I called hubby on the day of our 12 year wedding anniversary.  Now that’s one day of the year we do celeberate however whatever the reason this year, I had to stay on and he had to go.  Ok back to the story.  I called him.  I must have had a cheeky look on my face or a look of shock or both combined.  The hand went on the head again and he was starting to grin that disbelief grin when he summed up the courage to say the words, “oh no… you got another puppy didn’t you?!”  My words, “I peed on the stick babe and we’re pregnant!”

The suspense got to me, grandma’s words rang in my head all night that night… what if I wondered … I was at a shopping mall the next day, found a pharmacy, bought a pregnancy kit, went to a very pretty toilet (as pretty as they can be anyway), unpackaged the pregnancy kit, read the instructions about 10 times as I was either blarry eyed with excitement or utter fatigue waited the couple of minutes per instructions, stared at the stick in utter shock even though gran has only shared her thoughts about the millionth time, then repeated the process on the second pregnancy kit, called my gorgeous cousin, got her to witness the lines on the stick … yep … there were two solid lines on two solid sticks!

We are having baby number 2.

xox Liz



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