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Perfecting my surfing

The last time I was interested in so-called “perfecting” my surfing was when I was unknowingly pregnant with our daughter almost 5 years ago now.  I drove to Torquay from Malvern almost every week for about 4 weeks to get my surfing up to scratch!  I was more determined than ever even though I felt strangely uncomfortable with the ocean at the same time.

Earlier this year we visited my Singaporean family for Chinese New Year and also spent a few days at the Banyan Tree resort situated on an Indonesian island off Singpaore.  I decided yet again to get this surfing business of mine going, mind you I haven’t surfed a lot since Kalani was born.  I got a long board, got in the water, totally rusty yet determined, and yes felt strangely uncomfortable, not unlike 5 years ago.

I sat at the dining table with grandmother the day after we got back and was lamenting about how crappy I felt.  The conversation went something like this:

Me [feeling perplexed]: I feel like I’ve got a tummy bug.  I feel faint, nauseas, don’t really feel like any breakfast today … Not sure what I’ve eaten… I’ve got stomach cramps and my boobs hurt …

Gran: Have you had your period this month?

Me: No but should be any day now which is probably why I’ve got stomach cramps.

Gran: You’re not getting your period, you’re pregnant!

Me: No no, we’re not even trying, no I’m not pregnant.  We will try soon [trying to appease gran so she wouldn’t keep nagging me for a second bubs].

Gran: You’re pregnant.  [Quite sure of herself by this stage].

Me: Nah just a tummy bug.  I’m going to go have a lie down.  I feel so tired.

Gran: Ok, you go.  I’ll watch Kalani for you.  And you’re pregnant… [her tone quite a bit higher this time… embedded with a lot of excitement].

Me: [now waving my arms to appease her and headed back off to bed.  This was about 10 in the morning].

At this point in time, I was still adamant I have caught something in Indonesia as the thought of Indonesian food in general was a great turn off.  Grandma on the other hand was very excited by the thought of being great grandma again even though she is now great grandmother to 5 great grandchildren plus two on the way, excluding my little pea!

xox, LLT

Style Deets:

Both dresses were from Camilla.  Camilla pieces are so versatile you could literally wear them as is or style them into something completely out of this world.  The kaftans especially are very versatile especially for a growing bump as they’re usually quite roomy and can be knotted to show off the bump, as a one shoulder dress, off shoudler,  or simply as a sexy coverup at the beach… whatever tickles your fancy really and perfect for that idyllic resort locale!

I wear:
I spy with my little eye animal print dress (or similar) 🌸 Camilla 
Camilla kaftan 🌸 Camilla eBoutique


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