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Hi my name is Liz


Hello.  Thanks for visiting my page.  My name is Liz and like all Aussies, I am known by an acronym, LLT.  LLT equals Liz Loh-Taylor and if you’ve been intrigued and have googled my name, you would have found a vast plane of stuff.  I’ve just googled it myself to make sure it’s still all true, at least the first 5 pages are anyway.  I was in management finance at NAB headquarters for about 11 years.   During this time, from about 2005, I was lucky to have volunteered and travelled to and from Africa and various other developing countries.  I finally left the bank and decided to pursue my passion in photography, finally following my family roots.  I started working with grassroots charities and aid organisations all over the world and travelled to do so for about 4 years before deciding it was time we tried for a baby.  By this stage, Sam and I have been going out for about 12 years and married for 8!  Yep, don’t start counting my age now please…

We fell pregnant with our beautiful first daughter, Kalani.  As they say, a woman is blessed when her first child is a girl!

4 years later, we are expecting our second baby.  For us this blog is a little diary that we will look back on and remember these times,  I didn’t keep a thorough diary when I was pregnant with my first and I really wish I did.  So number is getting a mention here too 😌.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant so this blog is a little behind. However I will endeavour to back track and fast forward at the same time, sharing with you all about our second pregnancy.

Welcome to our family of 2 + 1 + 1 + dog + 2 cats. Or in order, 2 + 2 cats + 1 + dog + 1.  We certainly don’t play the conforming game very well.




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